Fairtrade Walk, Saturday 7th September 2013

The purpose of this walk was to visit fairtrade shops and cafes and also to encourage others to become fairtrade.
Throughout the walk we were either five or six which turned out to be a perfect number when it came to going into shops and cafes.
We met outside Finsbury Park Tube Station together with our banner.

It was great having the banner as we were really noticed and this provided a wonderful opportunity to give out Fairtrade literature and our own bookmarks to passers by on the streets.  

Our first stop was  Organic Food, 196 Stroud Green Road, where we were welcomed by Eyup.   This is quite a new shop which is gradually selling a wider range of organic and fairtrade products as well as fruit and vegetables.  The owner is very friendly and responds when he can by stocking new products as people suggest them.  Well done and thank you.

From here we walked into Crouch End and visited several cafe's asking if they would consider selling fairtrade produce as well as checking the cafes already on our list.Then into Budgen's for a thank you and photo shoot.  
 Budgen's is our flagship employer who have already been very generous to the group with donations and prizes for our Footsteps competition two years ago.  During fairtrade fortnight 2013, they welcomed the cocoa farmers from Kuapo Kokoo in Ghana into the store for a chocolate tasting enjoyed by many primary school children.  Again a big thank you.

Finally to the Bar and Kitchen in Alexandra Palace where we had a well earned cup of fairtrade coffee from Cafeology (http://cafeology.com/).    Many thanks to all of you who took part.  We'll be planning more of these in other parts of the borough - so come and join us when we do.